3rd Clean Energy Finance Europe


Frankfurt, Germany


Active Communications International



ACI’s 3rd Clean Energy Finance Europe Conference will be taking place on 21st & 22ndMarch 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. The conference will look at the global and European clean energy finance markets, as well the main drivers amongst end-products.

The event will also take an in-depth look into trends & innovation and new technologies development, while bringing together key industry stakeholders from the renewable energy industry, energy producers, developers, biogas plants owners, solution and technology providers, investors and main associations.

Key Topics

  • Revision of legislation in progress
  • Energy Efficiency Project
  • New challenges and market responses
  • Unlocking renewable energy investment
  • Focusing on M&A activity
  • Financing Renewable Energy Storage
  • Scaling up green bond markets for sustainable development
  • Repowering existing projects using up to date technology
  • Financing sustainable small & large-scale projects
  • Reason for “Global Clean Energy Investment Falls"

Confirmed Speakers

  • Yvette Go, Head of Social & Environmental Impact Investments, European Investment Fund
  • Jorge Rodrigues, Director, ICP Europe
  • Sebastian Carneiro, Director, SUSI Partners
  • Giorgio Dodero, President, Industrial Project Group Srl
  • Morgane Nicol, Project Manager, Institute for Climate Economics
  • Jim Totty, Managing Partner, Sustainable Technology Investors LtD
  • Ruben Bach, Partner, SVS Capital Partners 
  • Mortimer Menzel, Partner, Augusta & Co.
  • Victoria Cuming, Head of Policy, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

To know more, you can visit the event's website or access the event's brochure.

For more information or to register, please write to Rohan Baryah at rbaryah@acieu.net.