Regulatory School Training - Gas transmission tariff systems in transition


Vienna, Austria


Energy Community Secretariat Am Hof 4, Level 6. 1010 Vienna.


Energy Community


The Energy Community Regulatory School organizes the course "Gas transmission tariff systems in transition: from status quo to implementation of the gas tariff network code." Its aim is to support the technical knowledge of the Energy Community Contracting national energy regulatory authorities, so to effectively implement and efficiently apply new pieces of Energy Community acquis communautaire. Among them, gas and electricity network codes and guidelines, or the Regulation on Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT), and linking increasingly developing market activities, such as trade or market coupling.

Beyond the mere legal aspects, the Energy Community Regulatory School is dedicated to deliver practical insights and share experience made on the EU level. Praxis oriented, interactive and in-depth discussions will be in the core of the training courses tailor made for the Contracting Parties’ regulators.

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