Agricultural Carbon Markets - Building the Biological Bridge





Viresco Solutions


Viresco Solutions is a consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Alberta has 11 agricultural protocols that have generated over 20 million tonnes of registered and verified carbon credits, including the world’s first sustainable beef carbon credits, making the Province a leader in the creation of emission reductions from the agricultural sector.

This webinar will focus on the Alberta experience and how it could be used to help other countries enable the “Biological Bridge” as an essential interim approach to addressing climate change while the world transitions its energy sources. The presentation will serve to discuss several aspects of agricultural emission reductions, including opportunities for emission reductions and sequestration, benefits and risks of participation in carbon markets, and other innovative approaches to achieving financial value for sustainable agricultural practices. The presentation will use examples from North America and other parts of the world to highlight key points and will introduce alternative approaches to carbon offsets.

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