Accelerating European cities’ energy transition through renewable energy and clean mobility






Electric vehicles (EV) are rapidly spreading in European cities. This entails significant peaks in energy demand that typically do not correspond to peaks in energy production and supply, especially when renewable energy sources (RES) are concerned. The question then is, how can EVs be used to support the grid in effectively responding to energy peaks and to best exploit renewable energy sources?

This webinar, organised by the Sustainable Integrated Multi-sector PLAnning (SIMPLA) project, will be presented by Hugo Niesing, from Resourcefully, and will focus on how to accelerate European cities' energy transition through renewable energy and clean mobility via demonstration, upscaling and planning of smart charging and vehicle-to-grid technology. It represents the second webinar out of a series of six planned by SIMPLA to build capacities and learn more about harmonizing energy planning and mobility, as well as electric vehicles, smart mobility and the transition from PAED to PAEDC.

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