On the electric road

With support from the EU, Romania and Croatia will see the installation of 73 car charging stations.

Romanian renewable energy business Renovatio and Croatian telecommunications services provider Telekom are planning the installation of a total 73 electric car charging stations for both countries: 69 regular and 4 ultra-fast charging stations. The project has a budget of EUR 4.28 million, out of which 80 percent is funded by the EU. During 2018, the first 23 stations will be introduced in Romania.

On its side, Croatian Telekom is responsible for the software to be applied, while the charging stations in Romania will be set up as Renovatio e-charge. A total EUR 3.1 million will be used to install 3 ultra-fast charging and 53 fast charging locations. This infrastructural development will add up to the pan-European transport network TEN-T, which covers the Mediterranean area (Croatia), the Rhine-Danube area and the Orient and East-Med areas (Romania).   

The expectation is that this shift will allow for people to travel long distances with electric cars in Romania. In this line, the towns of Deva and Pitesti have been the first to receive fast charging stations within the project. Even more, earlier this year fast charging locations were also built in Targu Mures, Bucarest and Timisoara. These stations are about 80 kilometres away from each other and can simultaneously serve two vehicles.

Together with the NEXT-E project, both EU funded initiatives contemplate the installation of a total 59 charging stations in Hungary, 58 in Croatia, 40 in Romania, 38 in the Czech Republic, 32 in Slovenia and 25 in Slovakia until 2019.

Source: Balkan Green Energy News

Photo source: Pixabay