Let there be efficient light

Sweden is supporting BiH with EUR 4 million in funds for Green Economic Development.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is getting energetic in its aims. And efficiently so. The country’s new objective, supported by EUR 4 million of Swedish funding, is to reduce its carbon emissions by 3,900 tonnes on a yearly basis. Within this aim, it is expected for BiH to save energy costs for up to EUR 500,000 yearly.

Now, the plan is to modify 54 public buildings and, thus, make the transition to clean energy. Currently, energy use by buildings account for 55 percent of the national energy use, and most of this energy (85 percent) comes from heating. This, most certainly, represents a large part of the public expenditures.

Thus, this project offers a mix of solutions in the interest of energy efficiency. The aforementioned include solar panels, thermal insulation and biomass boilers among others. The program also addresses public lighting — therefore, LED technology will be introduced on the streets. This initiative is expected to have benefits such as health risks reduction and the environmental impacts associated to the use of various carbon-based fuels.

The Swedish Government has committed to help Bosnia and Herzegovina to reduce its emissions and develop its natural environment, society and economy. Within the funded project, it is expected that over 400 employment opportunities will be created — and will be so with better skilled workers and a further developed building sector. The program will be carried out by the United Nations Development Programme until 2020.

Source: Balkan Green Energy News

Photo source: Pixabay