For you (and with you): The LEDS-EEP City Energy Planning Toolkit

We are calling for interested energy planning experts and companies to be included in our toolkit's

The LEDS-EEP is pleased to inform you that, currently, we are finalising the development of a City Energy Planning toolkit, a follow up product of the “Workshop on Tools and Methodologies for Municipal Sustainable Energy Planning,” which we co-organised on 10-11 July 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The toolkit, meant to provide focused guidance on the use of sophisticated energy modelling tools for developing municipal energy plans, will represent an overview of city energy planning processes, key tools, implementation options, service procurement guidance and the available resources within the Europe and Eurasia region, including case studies and a list of energy consultants providing energy planning services in the region.

Regarding the latter aspect, the toolkit will contain a “Yellow Pages” section which showcases the availability of energy modelling providers in the region, so that, among others, any municipality may consult available experts and invite them to their tenders.

Therefore, if your field of expertise or that of the institution/company you work for fits within the criterion of urban energy planning, we would be pleased if you were to share your contact and expertise highlights information to be included within the LEDS-EEP City Energy Planning toolkit’s “Yellow Pages.”

The inclusion of your or your institution/company’s profile is free of charge, keeping on with the LEDS-EEP’s mission to help build a network and community of policymakers, practitioners and the lender/donor community through meetings, working groups, and resource sharing on topics relevant to low-emissions development strategies.

Thus, if you are interested in being included in this list of energy consultants, please send the information written beneath to Mr. Thor Morante at by Friday 13 April 2018:

If a consultant:

  • Full name
  • University/institution/consultancy/etc.
  • Fields of expertise
  • Permanent location (i.e. city and country)
  • Telephone number and e-mail
  • Expertise highlights in the field of energy planning (max. 1,000 characters; can be as a continuous text or as bullet points, and can include links)
  • Attach separately a profile picture in high resolution (approx. 1 MB)

If an organisation/company/etc.:

  • Name of the firm
  • Website, telephone number and e-mail
  • Address
  • A short description of the institution (Max. 500 characters)
  • Expertise highlights in the field of energy planning (max. 1,000 characters; can be as a continuous text or as bullet points, and can include links)
  • Attach separately the logo of the organisation in high resolution (approx. 1 MB)



For independent consultants:

Full name

University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering

Expert in sustainable energy systems planning

Based in: Belgrade, Serbia

Phone number / e-mail

Expertise highlights

Sustainable national energy system planning for Serbia using EnergyPLAN soft-link with GenOpt tool. Simultaneous modelling of supply and demand side technical measures for the policy goals achievement.

Sustainable cities energy system planning for Šabac and Subotica using HOMER tool. Smart energy infrastructure planning including, PV panels, electric vehicle charging points, and demand response. The resorts for eco-tourism energy planning using HOMER tool with DigSilent for explicit modelling of the power flows. Feasibility checks for small modular renewable district heating and cooling in the cities Šabac (Serbia), Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ozalj (Croatia), Ljutomer (Slovenia) and Karpoš (Macedonia) based on the local self-government concepts and business plans. Examples: and


For consultancies/institutions/companies/etc.:

Name of the institution

Website / Phone number / e-mail



E4SMA offers its experience to companies, institutions and government agencies who are responsible of decision-making in the energy and environmental fields. It provides technical assistances; expertise in the preparation of ad-hoc decision supporting tools (models) at different geographical scale; training and capacity building; research and analysis.

Expertise highlights

Lead of the modelling activities in the EU FP7 project “Integrative Smart City Planning (InSMART).” Support and assistance in the development of energy systems models (based on TIMES modelling framework) for several institutions and at several geographical scales, e.g.:

  • At city level: Cesena (Italy), Nottingham (UK)
  • At sub-national level: Wallonie (Belgium), Lombardia (Italy)
  • At national level: Italy, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Kazakhstan, etc.
  • At supra-national level: EU, Central-Asia, Global.

Support to the EU Energy Union Governance Process, including for the integrated national energy and climate plans. Participation at the “Interdisciplinary Strategic Intelligence ware House and Think-tank for Energy” project (Insight_E EU FP7 project). Provided assistance, training and capacity building on TIMES energy systems models.