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Bulgarian town of 8,000 inhabitants to house 180 MW solar plant

Devnya, in northeastern Bulgaria, will be home to a 180 MW solar plant through a EUR 100 million project. Scheduled for completion in 2022, the PV plant will not only be Bulgaria’s largest, but one of the biggest solar parks in Europe.

A local company, 4B Solar, will build the facility in three stages. A substation added to the plant will be joined to the local power grid. The first phase is scheduled to end in late 2018 with the completion of a 110 KV/20 KV substation of 5 MW. As the building of the plant progresses, the substation will increase to 65 MW by the end of 2020, finally reaching 110 MW by the 2022 completion date.

The project has received a preparatory authorization to transform the site to host the plant in the future. This power plant project marks a great step forward on the Bulgarian solar energy market, especially considering that the country’s large-scale solar development was halted with the closure of the FIT scheme, back in 2013. Since then, only a few megawatts of residential PV systems have been connected to the country’s grid, with special tariffs hindering the development of such initiatives even further.

Cumulative PV capacity for most of the country stood at 1.2 GW already by the end of 2012, with most of this installed power being represented by large-scale PV plants that came online in that same year, when the FIT scheme for both MW-sized and small PV systems was in place. The numbers had fallen to 150 kW and 174 kW by 2014 and 2015, respectively, and only 154 kV of PV energy sources were connected to the Bulgarian grid in 2016.

But now, with Devnya, the trend could turn positive again.

Source: pv magazine

Photo source: Pixabay