Tirana’s Community Fund programme: co-financing for energy solutions

Tirana's neighbours can now organise to receive co-financing for infrastructure projects, such as in energy efficiency.

The Tirana-based Community Fund programme aims to promote effective cooperation between citizens to improve housing infrastructure. Through a municipal fund scheme, neighbours in various neighbourhoods (co-owners of residential premises) of the Albanian capital are eligible to organise under authorised municipal administration to receive co-financing for infrastructure projects targeting identified problems.

Programme eligibility applies to apartment-owning partnerships belonging to the "Assembly and Joint Administrator Registration" project, and who can meet the established criteria of 50% co-financing of total investment. The total amount of envisaged funding is ALL 20 million (approx. EUR 150,000). This money is to be distributed to several co-financing projects selected through calls for applications each month (which started in June 2017). The limit for individual fund applications is ALL 2 million (approx. EUR 15,000).

For the June–September period, the Evaluation Commission announced eight winning applications, seven in the field of ‘Energy Efficiency’ and one related to ‘Terrace Waterproofing and Thermal Insulation’. 

Of the six winning projects submitted in June, July and September, five (all in the field of ‘Energy Efficiency’) completed the steps necessary with the Municipality of Tirana to begin project implementation. The two other projects (one for ‘Energy Efficiency’ and the other for ‘Terrace Waterproofing and Thermal Insulation), are now in the approval phase.

As many other applications were submitted for co-financing project in the later months of 2017, the Municipality of Tirana is exploring the possibility of increasing the total amount of investment for the Community Fund programme in its draft budget for 2018.