Knowledge exchange

LEDS-EEP ‘City Energy Planning Toolkit’

This toolkit offers key insights on city energy planning processes, tools, implementation options, service procurement guidance & other resources

Libraries and Reports

Electricity regulation in the Chinese national emissions trading scheme (ETS): lessons for carbon leakage and linkage with the EU ETS

The paper emphasises the major challenge to climate change mitigation in the form of carbon leakage from the electricity sector

Trainings and webinars

EEP REAL: Remote Expert Assistance on LEDS

LEDS-EEP and LEDS GP present the REAL technical assistance: a no-cost expert advisory service for LEDS-EEP members.

Trainings and webinars

The multEE project: Facilitating multi-level governance for Energy Efficiency through data collection process

LEDS-EEP and MACEF present this webinar on the multEE project for implementing energy efficiency policy planning

LEDS Newsletter

Issue8: LEDS platform to keep on growing in 2018

With the arrival of 2018, it’s time to get reengaged with the Europe & Eurasia Low Emission Development Strategies Platform (LEDS-EEP).

LEDS Newsletter

Issue7: Swifter and cleaner

With COP23 now behind us, crucial information on several carbon emission sectors has been brought to light.