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LEDS GP Resource guide for NDC finance

This Resource guide for NDC finance presents a curated selection of resources on a range of topics around finance for NDCs and LEDS.

Trainings and webinars

The Green Agenda Process

Stole Georgiev presents the Green Agenda methodology and its implementation in Macedonia for the development of Municipal Climate Change Strategies

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Transition of Ukraine to the Renewable Energy by 2050

A study on the possibility of Ukraine’s energy sector transition to maximum share of renewable energy sources (RES) in final consumption by 2050.

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Stefano Barberis presents the PLANHEAT tool for simulating alternative low carbon and economically sustainable scenarios for heating and cooling.

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Fossil CO2 & GHG emissions of all world countries

This publication provides a fact sheet with time series of GHG emissions from most anthropogenic activities

Trainings and webinars

Overview of the EU experience on Regional Energy Planning

Pavel Manchev outlines REP and the general practices, examples and key findings across the EU.