Steering Committee

The platform’s Steering Committee is charged with establishing the platform’s priorities and executing the platform’s agenda with regard to education, information sharing, and support to the region’s low-emissions development activities. Its other task is to oversee the Secretariat, currently hosted by the Regional Environmental Center, which manages and administers the platform.

The committee will be comprised of interested parties who are representatives or officials with one of the following organizations or institutions:

  • Ministries across the E&E region that are actively engaged in LEDS development or implementation or ready to start LEDS development;
  • Technical agencies, research organizations or institutions in the region working on LEDS related activities;
  • Non-governmental organizations active in LEDS issues in the E&E region;
  • Industry associations active in the region supporting LEDS activities, or
  • International donor or development assistance organizations active in the E&E region.

Organizations or institutions that become Steering Committee members must be willing to actively participate and support the work and programs of the platform.  Operation of the platform is governed by Terms of Reference, which are adopted by the Steering Committee members.